Elena Perez Guembe


Born in San Sebastian, Spain.
Licensed architect graduated in Spain by the University of Navarre in 2002.

Her work experience starts at the office of Zaha-Hadid, during the years 2003 and 2004. Here she begins to explore mechanisms of continuity, fluidity and layering of space, as well as mechanisms of abstraction in representation as an engine of invention.

After her experience in London she moves back to Spain and continues her professional career with architect Rafael Moneo during the years 2004-06.

In 2006 Elena is awarded with “Caja Madrid Foundation” grant, a full scholarship which allowed her to pursue the “M.S. in Advanced Architectural Design” at Columbia University. In January 2007, while studying at Columbia, Elena wins the prize -with the project “origami”- to participate in the “Advanced Computational Tools” international workshop organized by “Smart Geometry Group”. Her work was selected among the participants and presented at the Cooper Union and at the Guggenheim Museum of New York.

Elena obtains an extension of “Caja Madrid’s” grant for a second year at Columbia University (2007-08) for the “Advanced Architectural Research” program, where she continues a personal investigation based in the intersection between art and architecture, through installational work and sculpture. She takes sculpture classes at the Visual Arts School at Columbia University with artists Eric Anglès and Rirkrit Tiravanija.

Her work at Columbia University has been also published in Abstract 06-07, and Abstract 07-08 magazine, Ed. Columbia University.

In 2013 she was awarded by the European Ceramic WorkCenter in s'-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, to develop a project as an artist in residence. The following year wins the "Brown Fellowship Travel Grant" for her research in ceramics in the Netherlands. In 2016 her ceramic work is selected by Leslie Ferrin for the "Tristate of Mind" exhibition, showcasing the current ceramic scene of emerging NY artists. In 2018 the project Mille-oeille is selected to participate at the "Data & Matter" exhibition for the 16th Architectural Venice Biennale.

She currently teaches at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's School of Architecture in Troy, New York. (RPI)


  • Architecture
  • Sculpture
  • Installation
  • Architectural Education